Black Friday OWS Action Planning

Walmart workers across the country are organizing, and planning strikes and a day of action for Black Friday. We may not have any Walmarts here in New York City, but that won’t stop us from organizing in solidarity!

Join Occupy Wall Street, 99 Pickets, and allies to plan “Wall Street to Walmart”, an OWS-wide series of actions starting before Thanksgiving and culminating on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.

Black Friday OWS Action Planning meeting
Saturday, 10/27, 4-6pm
NY NJ Joint Board
33 W 14th St., New York, NY

Learn About: 99 Pickets

99 Pickets, a working group from Occupy Wall Street, seeks to build a mass worker’s movement in New York City and beyond. We are workers, immigrants, artists, the unemployed, students and retirees: the 99%.

Revitalizing the picket line—a tactic with a long and rich history—we use worker-driven, creative action to draw attention to the common struggles of people across the city.

From wage theft, discrimination, abusive employers, food justice, misclassification, exploitive working conditions, retaliation for organizing, to unsafe workplaces, 99 Pickets strives to connect the dots between seemingly isolated conflicts, building a community and a movement to counter the 1%.

Check out upcoming 99 Pickets events!

Another city is possible, but we need to build it.